Emma Pinsent, Coming together, falling apart, 2023, cotton voile, rust, organic matter, copper oxide, coffee rock, thread, steel eyelets.

Emma Pinsent and Billie Baker, A Leaky Exchange, 2023.

Emma Pinsent, Weather we’re together (detail), 2023, found objects, stoneware, glass, bronze.

Emma Pinsent, A Leaky Exchange, 2023. Duo exhibition with Billie Baker at Sawtooth ARI, Launceston. Photographer Emily Dimozantos

A Leaky Exchange
duo exhibition with Billie Baker
Sawtooth ARI, Lutruwita (Launceston, TAS)
5 May - 11th June 2023

Emma Pinsent and Billie Baker offer a porous reinterpretation of the intertidal zone of the beach. Neither land nor sea, the intertidal zone is a site of porous encounters that are evermoving and everchanging. This constant state of flux allows hybrid permeations between human and non-human phenomena – revealing strange entangled, and interactive ecologies. Taking the intertidal zone as a starting point, affective leakages between human and non-human material bodies are examined. Through site-responsive sculptural and photographic processes, each artist implicates their practice in a kind of ecology with the intertidal zone, engaging in material and semiotic processes that transform, penetrate, erode, and saturate experimental outcomes.