Emma Pinsent, Amidst fallen mallow, 2020, Norfolk Island Hibiscus, red hibiscus, rooibos tea, gum arabic and acrylic on raw canvas, 52 x 42 cm

Emma Pinsent, Compost Whispers, 2021, Echinacea tea, coffee, matcha, lemon-scented gum, nasturtiums, wood ash, found charcoal, avocado pit, white nectarine pit, red hibiscus, red wild clay, watercolour and acrylic on raw canvas, frame 42 x 32 cm

Emma Pinsent, Midsummer Brew, 2021, Lavendar, nasturtriums, rooibos tea, red hibiscus flower and acrylic paint on raw canvas, 26 x 26 cm

Is it black and white... (group exhibition), 2022, Installation images, Stanley Street Gallery, NSW. Photo Doqument Photography

Is it black and white …
13 - 29 May 2021
Group exhibition at Stanley Street Gallery, Gadigal land (Darlinghurst, NSW)
Curated by Claire de Carteret


What gets lost in our pursuit of definition?

Where do the smudges, echoes, the illegible shadows go; how can one grasp the in-between, the spaces beyond construct? And more, what of the things that won’t fit into category, they won’t make sense, they refuse and push definition, fracture dichotomies, blend materials, they make new ones. Multiplying the shadows of grey.

Stanley Street Gallery presents five contemporary artists at the forefront of their careers. They are young graduates, ambitious and unafraid of category; material, conceptual or otherwise. Liberating forms, materials, medium and bodies, these artists present fresh work that asks us to consider; what trembles at the intersections? What continues to live and breathe after category?

Playing with their practice and engaging with the unpredictability of material experimentation to carve out their space in Sydney, these artists modulate encounters with the in-between, the undulating multiplicities, and they tell us without hesitation that it was never just black or white…