Gemma Brown (left), Emma Pinsent, afterlives of access and amenity (right)

planned retreat, 2024, kilnformed salvaged float glass, marine waste, organic matter, pine posts, glazed stoneware, nickel bronze and saltwater patina.

dune repair (left), weather we’re together (right)

dune repair, 2022, found marine waste, dune nylon fencing, nickel brone and saltwater patina.

dune repair (detail)

afterlives of access and amenity (installation view), 2024.

residual edges, 2023, nickel bronze, saltwater patina.

weather we’re together, 2023, kiln-formed sea glass and bottle, found objects, glazed stoneware.

weather we’re together (detail) 

Gemma Brown (left + right). lost property (middle), 2024, kilnformed salvaged float glass, found rope.

lost property (installation view)

lost property (detail)

Somewhere I’ve Been
2-11 February 2024
with Gemma Brown
curated by Niamh Armstrong
Canberra Contemporary Art Space (Manuka, ACT)

Working with materials from somewhere they’ve been, artists Gemma Brown and Emma Pinsent reconfigure waste, organic matter and the traces of anthropogenic intervention as a means to explore the complex relationship between humans and the environment. Utilising site-responsive ceramic and sculptural processes, Brown and Pinsent each investigate the meetings between people and place that transform, shape and erode the sites we visit. Incorporating traces and sediments of past encounters, the materiality of Brown and Pinsent’s work brings forward our own entanglement in ecological change, highlighting our relationship to the land as one both sacred and fraught.