Emma Pinsent is an artist working and living between the unceded lands of the Arakwal-Bundjalung people (Northern New South Wales) and Gadigal-Bidjigal people (Sydney) in so-called Australia. Her practice explores porosity and entanglement between humans and nonhuman nature in the ongoing climate crisis. The transformation of waste forms an important facet of her process; she is interested in how residual materials from our surrounding environment and local industries can be reconfigured to reveal complex interdependencies within place. Her process is led by preliminary methods of fieldwork and walking, where the ethical and ecological implications of different sites shape her artistic responses. Engagements with ecology, weather, anthropogenic waste and infrastructure are reconfigured into poetic installations that invite contemplation of permeable borders and the precarity of the rapidly changing environment. In 2019 she completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honours) at UNSW: Art & Design, and in 2022 began a PhD (Art & Design) at the same institution supported by the Australian Government RTP Scholarship. She has exhibited in Meanjin (Brisbane), Lutruwita (Tasmania), across Gadigal land (Sydney) in both commercial and ARI spaces and has been a finalist in a number of awards.


Portfolio of selected work (PDF)

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